Jul, 28
Jeena -1333 Piedmont Road, #108, San Jose, CA
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Dance Therapy Encore with Swarali Karulkar

Dance Therapy with Swarali Karulkar

Dance Therapy: Dance Therapy is defined as the psychotherapeutic use of movement for social, cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual integration of a person. It is a dance of relationships, our relationship to our own body and our body's relationship to others. In this social media era of performances and show-offs, we forget why we took up dancing in the first place, against all odds, against all the NOs. It is our immense love for movement, the way it makes us feel, it integrates into our confidence levels and the way it provides a language to our emotions. Come, rediscover your love for dance and reconnect with your body utilizing the psychotherapeutic techniques that Dance Therapy has to offer.

When: July 28th, 2019

Time: 11:00am to 12:00 pm

Where: Jeena, San Jose

Fee: $5

Registration Required.

About the instructor: Swarali is a choreographer who has experience woiking with individuals with special needs. She will be conducting specific workshops for Mona Khan Dance Company.  Mona Khan Dance Company is sponsoring this workshop specifically for individuals with special needs.