About Us

Jeena is a self-help group of parents dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of individuals with developmental disabilities and their caregivers. The organization was born as a result of firsthand experience of being parents of profoundly disabled child. The organization was founded on the principles of engaging individuals with developmental disabilities and empowering their parents.  

Over the years, Jeena has become a nexus of information and emotional support for parents and an activity center for individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Our activities are broadly classified in three projects:

Social Interaction Thru Play - Directly Engaging Individuals with Developmental Disabilities so as to provide opportunities for honing hobbies and vocational skills

Outreach and Resources - Addressing the Information and Emotional Needs of Parents of individuals with Developmental Disabilities

Intervention Support - Providing therapeutic intervention to individuals at home  

We believe every individual deserves an opportunity to engage in their community and be an integral member of their community. Jeena is the first not-for-profit organization addressing the unique cultural needs of families of South Asian origin, here in the Bay Area, CA and SoCal.  



Enhance the quality of life of individuals with development disabilities and their primary caregiver by empowering individuals through information and emotional support.


Guiding Principles

Manage the organization professionally.

Start on a small scale and use early results to build momentum and to demonstrate the feasibility of bigger concepts.

Collaborate and develop partnerships to provide a seamless customer focused experience.

Supplement with new services and resources, where necessary.

Create a mechanism through which the Indo-American community (doctors, professionals, and families) can contribute.

Leverage the internet to provide long distance support to parents and trainings to professionals.


Parent Partners

JeenaParents play a key role. Parents are the stakeholders in Jeena. We are Jeena’s customers, supporters, volunteers and advocates. At Jeena, we recognize that parents are uniquely qualified to provide input about their requirements and their child’s needs. Parents have shaped Jeena’s mission and goals. Jeena has benefited tremendously from the hard work of a number of parents in creating new programs, developing our web site, and helping us expand our reach. We are actively working with approximately eighty parent partners.


Our members have to say ...

Jeena camp =lots of fun.....  we had a blast , the activities, the stay, the food, the company, the compassion, all made this an unforgettable experience. Lovely times with lots of beautiful moments. Thank you Jeena Family ……. Great teamwork and such beautiful support made this camp one we will cherish, can't wait for the next one. - Navneeta Srivastava, Mother 

I am thankful for all the people around me. I am thankful for being alive. I am thankful for being accepted! I like how I am in a wheelchair and how other people accept me for who I am. I am thankful for being a part of Jeena! I like to play with everyone and it makes me have more friends and I learn to accept everyone for who they are! I am also thankful that Jeena makes us feel that we have something to cling on when we are falling and the helped us climb the steep steps of life. I am thankful for my brain so I can think .I am thankful for what I have and how it helps me move on. I am thankful for being able to sleep, eat, learn, and everything that I can do. I am thankful for all of these things. But what I am most thankful for is that I have such a wonderful mom and dad.-----Sohum Shah

I am thankful for the kindness offered to us in the form of a warm cup of coffee,kind words and empathy, by people who were strangers till then. I am thankful for the lessons learnt just by looking at other parents and theirtireless efforts and relentless spirit to make their kids' lives better. I am thankful for meeting other parents who are now friends and with whom Ican share a good laugh and also share the struggles that we face. Also for everytime they gave me guidance and let me whine incessantly after IEPs.  Thankful for Jeena Yahan that gave my daughter an opportunity to shine andevery other Jeena event that made us feel welcome and made us smile. - Neetu Chaturvedi, Mother.


Founders and Friends

Jeena was formed after Gina Madan, the only child of the founders passed away at a tender age of sixteen months. Gina had significant medical needs and developmental delays. Rajni Madan’s role in Jeena is deeply informed by her life experiences. She is responsible for leading the team to attain Jeena’s mission – keeping in view new technologies, challenges and opportunities.

Jeena has assembled an impressive group of advisers. Our advisers have been working with us to validate our strategic direction, identify projects, guide fund-raising efforts, and help with networking. Some of our biggest supporters are Umang Gupta, Padma and Krish Ramakrishnan, Sunil Gaitonde, Lata Krishnan, Ajay Shah and numerous professionals and case managers who have volunteered their services both in the Bay Area and Southern California.